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Esthetic Concierge has the answers you need to make confident beauty and skincare choices to achieve your skincare goals. We will create a one-on-one experience to: 

  • assist you in choosing the right procedures and products for your skin

  • provide in-depth information on Botox, fillers, lasers, surgeries, and specific procedures

  • help you understand what downtime actually means, and how long results last

  • guide you to achieve the results you desire  

Esthetic Concierge works directly with doctors, spas, and estheticians doing product development, medical esthetic development and consulting, and spa consulting, training, and development.

So you are in good hands! 

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"I have been working with Trina for years. She has helped curb so many of my decisions during late-night surfing on the web. I always wait to text Trina to ask if I should buy something. I trust her guidance tremendously. She is always right, and she knows her stuff. I am so thankful that I found her."

Rebecca C., Minneapolis,  Minnesota 

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