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Trina Renea,
Founder of
Esthetic Concierge

Trina Renea is a multifaceted powerhouse who has significantly impacted the music and beauty industries. Starting her journey as a punk rock singer, Trina's band Lo-Ball achieved great success under Interscope Records, captivating audiences worldwide. Following a wonderful world and USO tour in the wake of 9-11, the band members decided to pursue separate paths.


In 2004, Trina embarked on a new chapter by becoming an Esthetician and opening her spa, Facial Bungalow. With her background in music and entertainment, Trina recognized the importance of maintaining beautiful skin and developed a passion for skincare. Through her expertise and dedication, she takes pleasure in guiding her clients toward achieving a perfect homecare regimen and imparting knowledge about the skincare world.


Driven by her fascination with cosmetic chemistry and product knowledge, Trina spent years collaborating with top chemists in the United States to create her skincare line, aptly named "Trina Renea Skincare." This line embodies her commitment to excellence and the pursuit of exceptional skincare.


With over 30 years of experience in health and beauty, Trina's remarkable journey includes being the founder of Esthetic Concierge, where Trina creates entire esthetic departments, including product lines, esthetician rooms, menus, and training for dermatologists, spas, and estheticians. Part of the business works directly with consumers seeking answers to skincare and cosmetic procedures. She worked with the prestigious Rapaport Dermatology Group in Beverly Hills for eight years. She actively participates in medical seminars and scientific skin care conferences and continues her education through intensive training at UCLA for Cosmetic Chemistry. Trina's commitment to staying informed ensures she can provide her clients with the most advanced and effective treatments.


As a testament to her expertise, Trina's reputation as a "skin master" has been solidified due to her extensive knowledge in cosmetic chemistry, medical esthetics, dermatology, and plastic surgery. She is a member of the prestigious Society of Cosmetic Chemists and holds three certifications in cosmetic sciences from UCLA.


Trina's most recent project is her podcast Facially Conscious, where she is a co-host among some of the most prestigious people in the industry, Dermatologist Dr. Vicki Rapaport of Rapaport Dermatology in Beverly Hills and Culver City, Ca. and the Legend in cosmetic chemistry, behind the scenes Rebecca Gadberry, and Los Angeles ultimate knowledgeable social lite, and consumer Julie Falls.

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