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You may come up with a fantastic concept, but not know how to execute it. Trina Renea and the EC team have a unique approach and expertise that will help you develop your idea and brand. We will guide you through the process and lead you to a successful outcome. 

  • Develop a new spa concept 

  • Optimize your existing spa 

  • Develop a product line

  • Relaunch your current product line

  • Train your staff on sales and techniques

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"I found Trina from an article online. It was about a spa she developed that had child care inside the building. I am a mom and had always dreamed of such a place. I am in Seattle and called her to ask for advice. She was so lovely. I ended up asking her to help me with developing my spa in Seattle. I definitely could not have done it without her. Her experience is like no other. She is a real gem."

Shelly B., Seattle, Washington

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Numerous long-term relationships, many spanning over ten years, are evidence of the success of Esthetic Concierge’s business partnerships. We have a track record of designing, developing, and operating profitable esthetic departments within a wide range of medical practices and a variety of business environments.



Speak to the Esthetic Concierge team today about your ideas and needs. We can help guide you in the right directionvand determine where you might benefit from partnering with Esthetic Concierge.

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