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​Trina Renea is a pioneer in the esthetic and product industry. She loves sharing her knowledge with others.​ Trina and the Esthetic Concierge team will help you learn:

  • a client consultation technique that will increase your retention rate 

  • Product development to create your own line

  • a unique facial technique to increase sales

  • skills in extractions that will give you confidence on your facial table  


"Where I went to school we were not taught how to do consultations. We would just put people on the table and give them a facial. My first job was at a chain spa and we never did consultations there either. Then I got a job at a spa where Trina came and taught all the estheticians how to give a real consultation. She taught us why we ask each question on the consultation sheet. She taught us how to dissect their skincare routine so we could fill in the gaps with products that were missing. She taught me confidence with clients. I finally felt I knew what I was doing and clients could tell. I sold so much more products and my retention rate tripled. Best class I ever took."

Sarah S. – Santa Barbara, California



Speak to Esthetic Concierge today to discuss training options.

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